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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  July 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> absolutely. folks there, mixed emotions at kennedy space you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. . i was scared i didn't know what was going on. and one roof came of and another roof came off. >> thunder echoed across parts of maryland but now it's time to call insurance companies. your baby may be asleep but a study suggest some surprising dangers when it comes to cribs, playpens and bass nets. >> they -- bassinet s. >> six patients meet at the university of maryland medical center. but first live pictures from cape canaveral, florida, weather a big issue this morning. but there's another pressing problem facing nasa as well. here, thunderstorms didn't stop overnight.
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some of the damage done. power outages have been reported in some areas. some people dealing with hours and days of cleanup ahead. >> yeah. the wind and -- winds and tremendous rain and made for a great light show and thunder. >> lynette charles has been tracking the storm right now. but we begin team coming in halethorpe with linda so with the latest on the storm damage. we will see how the weather is going with lynette. >> we are not dealing with any showers or thunderstorms. they will were -- they why overnight but we will deal with that throughout the remainder of the day. some of the showers and thunderstorms could be on the severe side. we have a flash flood wash in effect and that's until this evening. it's not going to be as hot today but we are going to be very sultry and humid. the showers and thunderstorms are likely today. not possible, but likely. and then we dry out going into the weekend. here's maryland's most powerful radar and the showers and thunderstorms out of here.
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there's one lone shower right now right on the border of p.a. and maryland but most everything is pushing up to the north and east but don't let this fool you. we will fill things in as we go back into the morning and afternoon and evening so. with that, we have that potential for flooding all the rain and downpours we saw last night and thunderstorms, we are in a flash flood watch once again basically for the entire viewing area. so be mindful of that. know your plan and make sure you don't drive through flooded roadways. now the check of traffic with tonya. >> reporter: happy friday. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday to you. it's pretty light out there. no major incidents right now but we have some earlier. 8 # 5 south -- 895 south ofo'donnell, hardly anybody out there yet. all lanes are open. earlier accidents that have now cleared out of the roadway. 95 northbound at fort mchenry tunnel, the accident is gone. 295 northbound at 197 that
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accident is gone as well. megan. >> all right. thanks. a man is traumatized after watching another man die in his arms after being stabbed to death on the 4th of july. he didn't want to be identified but he wanted to tell the story. >> he was like this. and his head was right between my legs and he looks up at me. and that's when he died. >> we concealed his voice. the man we are calling john claims the victim joe calo was not the intended target but intervened after his brother shouted a racial slur towards the suspect. john says the victim, his brother and friends were drinking prior to the attack. police say there were -- their response time was within minutes however, john says despite what city officials say e. saw little police -- he saw little police presence in the harbor before the incident. no one as been arrested. case anthony will be released sunday. it's a week from this sunday.
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a court official told the media it would be july 13th but the jumping recalculated the time she served sips going to jail in 2008. the jury acquitted her of killing her daughter this week. but a judge sentenced her to four years for lying to investigators about the child's death. a mother wan to know why lifeguards were not on duty when her son drown at sandy point state park. rele batchelor had to work and let her son go to the park. er son swam out to get a ball and disappeared and was found 15 minutes later. sandy point opens at 6, the park provides lifeguards from 11 in the morning until 6 at it. >> >> he kept begging please please and i said you have to go only one condition they keep a good eye on all my babies because all three was going. >> saquan's mother lost her
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eldest son to a shooting and her mother to cancer in one year. locust point is mourning the loss of a legend. vincent railo was a friend to so many and passed away in towson e ran the restaurant that his father started immigrated fromitaly to bolt nor in 1910 he was 70 years old. you may be about to take your by a baby out the crib but there's -- ballmore in 1990. he -- baltimore in 1910. he was 70 years old. >> you may be about to take your baby out of the crib, but your baby crib should only contain a mattress and tight fitting sheet. don't use blankets, pillows or bumpers and make it meets current safety standard and has not been recalled. >> they were sleeping a little later than normal, and i thought i need to check on them.
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and that's when i found connor hanging by his shirt on the crib. >> doctors say when your baby reaches 18 month, they are stronger and more mobile so you should monitor them even more closely. he grabbed a gun and raced into two homes. >> that's when police say he opened fire. >> he hit the police car, pulled out the gun and fired seven shots at the police car directly. >> new information this morningon a gunman. off to a break. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look at florida. atlantis is getting ready for the final mission.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. glidid 4:38. we have been telling you since- - it's 4:38. we have been telling since we started the weather was a major story last night. >> a look at how bad things
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are, let's go live to linda so with a report. what's going on? >> reporter: a lot of damage in this neighborhood. we are off niagara court here in halethorpe, the trees are down blocking the road. lots of branches. on the drive up here, we found about -- counted about 10 trees down in the streets. luckily, we are hearing that no one was injured during the storms. but look here. see the trees here? it's pretty dark. bear with me, here. when the trees came down during the height of the storm they brought down a lot of power lines in the area. bge crews are here trying to restore power to the homes. you can see the power lines right there right in front of the door. bge crews say they have been work throughout the night but it probably looks like it will be sometime this afternoon hopefully maybe by this evening when the power does come back on in the neighborhood. you can see that tree trunk just snaped by the force of the wind and the rain from the storms.
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it is just amazing what we found here. bge crews tell because couple streets down that a roof came off of one of the homes. when it came off -- when it was torn off the home, it came out down with so much force that it actually landed under a car like made its way under a car. so it goes to show how strong the storms are. the dundalk area was hit pretty hard a roof there was torn off the building. lots of damage and water pouring through and many of those units and damaging them. homeowners tell us they lost everything from the rain but it's water logged and soaked the belongings. everything that was in the apartment. let's hear from one woman who was at home when the storms struck around 6:30 last night. let's listen to what she has to say. >> reporter: it-- >> it started as a normal storm rain coming down and we heard a bunch of noise i went out and the roof was going everywhere. >> reporter: back live out here in halethorpe on niagara
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courtch the tree trunks just snapped from the force of the storm. the storms that rolled through last night, the power lines are down it's dark in the area. bge crews hope to have the power on by this evening. but, again, this areas was -- this area was hit really bad. luckily no reports ofany injuries. but now to -- of any injuries but now let's toss to lynette for the forecast for today. >> you know what, hopefully they will get out of there early and get the damage cleaned up and the power back on because as we go into the afternoon, more showers and thunderstorms are popping up across the area. maryland's most powerful radar looks dry but like i said, as we go into the afternoon, we will see more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. you know what? the severe weather outlook, we have a slight risk. the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk for maybe some of the storms to be strong to severe. so, the biggest threat with that would be wet microburst and a microburst is a sinking
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column of air that produces straight line wind. you saw the street snapped, we could see more of that throughout the afternoon. temperature wise, well, we are not too bad into brunswick coming in around 71 degrees. but very humid outside and that continues throughout the day. let's send it over to tonya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 295 northbound is moving well. 97 northbound moving well also out of the area. 795, from reisterstown. at this point at could bys mill, no -- cockys mill, no problems to report. 95 southbound out of white marsh no problems. jfx southbound is moving well. 70 east bound out of marriottsville no incidents in your way. megan. >> thanks so much. little league teams from across the country are in scottsdale arizona for the junior rbi class ic. >> but one team will get a lot of -- classic. >> but one team will get a lot of praise. the team from joplin missouri, more than 100 people were
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killed from that town. rbi stand for baseball in cities. they have a channeling to participate in the all star week. a michigan woman's toilet paper creation earned her top honors in the 7th annual toilet paper wedding dresscontest. there is a contest. >> it's in the miten. >> look how beautiful it is. >> the competition judges the best bridal dresses made of toilet paper judged on creativity, originality, beauty and the use of tp. >> so susan won. she is from miff began -- michigan and says the dress was inspired by naturech it was created with rolls-- nature. it was created with rolls of toilet paper hot glue and packing tape. she took home $1,000 i think she would get more than that. >> i have a question? were you nervous when you got
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married? you sweat or women perspire. what happens to the dress? >> aid lot of toilet paper-- it's a lot of toilet paper. you have to get the two-ply. >> stay with us this morning. coming up next, undocumented immigrants paying in-state tuition. >> your action from the maryland lawmaker leading the charge to keep this from becoming law. they were hitting off my chest and on the camera. one hit me in the back and bender my neck and shirt. >> caught -- burned my neck and shirt. >> caught in the cross fire, the man in the cross fires of a fireworks fire fight. we will be right back.
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4:46. we have learned overnight a man accused of killing self-people -- seven people in shooting
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spree committed suicide. it happened yesterday in grand rapids michigan on the western side of the statement john hendren has more. >> reporter: a deadly shooting rampage, a police stand off and high-speed chase puts a michigan city on edge. seven people shot and killed. then the suspect got himself in the middle of a drama in grand rapid. >> while our negotiators were talking to him trying to give him instructions as to how he can turn himself in, we heard agunshot and it turned out to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: 34-year-old roderick danceler shot 9 people killing 7 at two different houses and led police on a high- speed chase through downtown grand rapid. four people were found dead in one home, three victims killed in another house in another neighborhood. two victims were children. >> we believe one was his daughter. one was an ex-girlfriend and the other one was an ex- girlfriend. >> reporter: the ordeal began when he opened fire in two
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grand rapid homes late thursday afternoon. as local and michigan state police gathered evidence, neighbors and eyewitnesses expressed their shock. >> it has tonight hardest thing ever. two families torn apart. all in the blink of an eye. one person could do this to somebody, it's terrible. >> reporter: two people were shot and injured in what police believe were related incidents. danceler was released from prison in 2005 on assault charges. police say he had a long record. john hendren, abc news. we are getting new reaction from maryland lawmaker who says the dream act will be up to voters to decide. the state board of elections announced they do have enough petition signatures to put the bill on the ballot in the november 2012 election. it the dream act allows undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates. he says the issue is about fairness.
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>> you know who gets the benefit? the children don't get the benefit. the parent get benefit. who do you think is paying for the tuition? the parents are getting the break financially. >> supporters of the dream act say the measure would give thousands of teens who grew up in maryland a better chance of going to -- going to college. he led the colts and became the first ever reliever for nfl players. heart break for the passing of leng end john mackey. he is going to be recommended as number 88 catching as many passes from uniteas he invented the tightend position taking a number of hits but suffering a number of brain injuries as a result. we are left to remember how he and leny moore called the city during the 1968 riot. john remembers. >> john mackey and lenny moore went to talk to the people to keep an explosive situation from happening. they went out into businesses and got food, sandwiches, and
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they got donations and fed the people at the civic and called a hard situation. basecally john mackey -- basey, john mackey and lenny -- basically, john mackey and lenny moore saved the city from a faith. >> john mackey, dead at 69. carroll county sheriff deputies charged a man with destruction of property among other offenses after they say he kicked out a police cruiser's window. timothy flashman was released on 2500 dollars bond on monday after the incident. deputies say he was involved in an altercation with several people after taking his former girlfriend's truck without pernicious. a trooper shot and killed a emu on the loose. the trooper shot the large bird july 1st in the wood of irish town road before residents complained. police say the bird appeared sickly but was behaving aggressively. police were unable to find the
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bird's owner. talk about an amazing reunion, six patients involved in a triple kidney swap at the university of maryland medical center will meet for the first time this morning. each recipient originally came to the hospital with an intended donor. whether it be a spouse or sibling in one case or a churchfriend but when blood and tissue typing revealed the donors were not a match all three entered the pared kidney exchange program which seeks to create swaps among compatible pairs many all three had the kidneys removed successfully through a single incision and they are doing well and will meet this morning. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. we are dealing with the humidity once again. check out the dew points and they are in the upper 60s and we will stay that way going throughout the day. and into easton we are coming in around 73 degrees. the satellite and radar is looking not so active right
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now. we like to see that, but you know, what if we go through the day and get a few peeks of sunshine we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms and some of those thunderstorms could be on the severe side. we will keep you updated on this information. the satellite and radar picking up on what's going on with the weather pattern. and the fact is once again we have the stalled out front. and with that, that's going to be the focal point we see the showers and thunderstorms popping up across the area. that warm moist feed is going to keep it humid going throughout the day. future radar picking up on what i am saying. going into the afternoon we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms. actually not a chance but it's likely we will get the showers and thunderstorms in here as we go throughout the day. and then by saturday, things start to clear out and dry out much better looking weekend and better feeling weekend as well. we won't be as humid. for today, that temperature coming in right around 86. we have the showers and thunderstorms and we still have a flash flood watch through the evening. all right. let's go over to tonya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are doing okay at our
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tunnels and bridges. our earlier accidents are now gone so that's good news. let's look at 50 at i-97. no problems on 97 northbound out of parole. 50 westbound is the heavier traffic oncoming to the left the screen. howard county, i don't know if you will be able to see it to the left. but state route 108 eastbound is closed at elliot's oak road. there's a tree in the road there. back to you. new mexico wild fires have been running rampant across the state charring thousands of acres and destroying homes. >> even those fighting the fire are not immuned from being included in a fallout. what happened to one of the firefighter's home. a utility worker trapped on a wire following a accident on the ground. we will tell you what happened, you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. ÷x#
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well, it was supposed to be a fun day for father and son at the ball park. a man attending a texas rangers game died after falling 20 feet to the ground while trying to catch a baseball tossed his way. another fan tried to grab the man. the victim's son didn't fall in the accident. it's the second fatal fall at major league ball park this season. what start out as a night of fun with fireworks at a dallas apartment complex turned out to be anything about. a -- anything but. robert flag arrived and videotaped from a distance when people got out of control them the started firing fireworks at each other and took aim at photographer etch says the fireworks hit him in the chest and back emwas burned when police -- he was burned. when the police showed up, the crowd took aim at them too. a fire in summerville massachusetts trapped a worker on the pole close to high
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voltage power lines. it started what a crew truck caught fire trapping the work here clung on low power lines. he was saved quickly but the quick action of a electrical crews nearby. they were work on a project in the -- working on a project in the same area. wild fires in new mexico destroyed dozens of homes including a home of a firefighter. the fire destroyed more than 135,000 acres a friend was abe to save the fire fighter's dogs and a few possessions but everything else was a loss. >> we realized there was no way we would be able to get in all the way. we stopped at an overlook and just watched it come over the mountain and across our little place. >> he is work on fighting the wild fires -- working on fighting the wild fires. now "good morning maryland." >> this morning the fbi is
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armed with a search warrant in the phylicia barns place. she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. this morning when will caseey -- casey anthony be released from jail. >> reporter: the storms that rolled through last night did a lot of damage. and i am linda so, we are live in a neighborhood that was hit especially hard. >> those are the stories that we are work on for you. did you heart thunder? >> i did -- hear the thunder to. >> i did. i enjoyed going to sleep when the stormed rolled in. >> a lot people are without power and a lot of cleanup. let's get to lynette charles to see what we can expect today. >> good morning. you know i hate to say it but we could expect another round of showers and thunderstorms some of those severe once again. so i am calling it freaky friday. all of a sudden we are acting up out there. we have a flash flood watch in effect for today. but, it is not going to be as hot because we will have a little more cloud cover and again we will have the wet weather around. the showers and storms are likely for today and we will dry out as we go through the
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weekend. so, it's good we have something to look forward to. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. we have all five sweeps on scanning the skies and this baby will get active getting into afternoon. be prepared for that. now with the potential for the rain, we do have a flash flood watch in effect and this goes -- it's in effect and goes through tonight and basically for our entire viewing area. keep that in mind as you head out and about and the storms dump a lot of rain across the area for today. but right now, the temperature into annapolis st. mary's elementary is at 75. humidity saturday 91%. and check out dew point. it's 72 degrees right now out there. the dew point you have the temperature at 75 when the dew point temperature and actual temperature are close together like that, you can expect to have a little patchy fog outside. that's something for you to remember. so as you head out and about this morning, have the low beams on so you see less of the fog and more of the road. speaking of the road, let's head over to tonya with traffic.


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